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Panasonic PT-DZ21K2E (20 000 Lumens) WUXGA,- Avico


Panasonic PT-DZ21K2E (20 000 Lumens) WUXGA

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PdfPanasonic PT-DZ21K2E

Compact 20000 lumens-class Projector - PT-DZ21K2

Flagship model delivering spellbinding picture quality for events and staging

Compact 20.000lm*1Projector Delivers Stunning Picture Quality with High Frame-Rate*2

  • 20.000lm*1 of Brightness with a contrast ratio of 10.000:1 from an extraordinarily compact body
  • Real motion processor combines frame-creation and 120 Hz processing for fluid motion reproduction*2
  • Providing a variety of advanced features, such as 3D projection capability*4, DIGITAL LINK connectivity, portrait mode capability*5, Geometric Adjustment*4 and multi-screen projection

*1 17,000 lm for the PT-DW17K2, and 16,000 lm for the PT-DZ16K2, *2 Featured on the PT-DZ21K2/DS20K2/DZ16K2 only,, *4 Featured on the PT-DZ21K2/DS20K2/DW17K2 only.

Benefits of PT-DZ21K2:

1. Ultra High and Detailed Images

  • 20,000 lm of brightness (PT-DW17K2: 17,000 lm, PT-DZ16K2: 16,000 lm) for large venues.
  • Real Motion Processor combines Frame-Creation and 120 Hz processing for fluid motion reproduction
  • (PT-DZ21K2/DS20K2/DZ16K2).
  • Next-generation Detail Clarity Processor delivers crisp and detailed image quality.
  • High 10,000:1*1 contrast ratio with Dynamic Iris.
  • System Daylight View 3 for enhanced color performance in bright rooms and mapping applications.
  • Waveform Monitor function for easy adjustment of black/white level.
  • DICOM Simulation mode for medical presentations and training*2.
  • Active 3D projection capability (PT-DZ21K2/DS20K2).

2. High Reliability and Low TCO

  • Extended lamp replacement cycle of 3,000 hours*3.
  • Liquid cooling with highly efficient quad-lamp system reduces operational noise.
  • Stable operation in ambient temperatures of up to 45 ° C*4.
  • Quad-lamp system allows 24/7 operation in Lamp Relay mode.
  • Easy lamp replacement from rear side.
  • Eco filter requires no maintenance for 12,000 hours*5.
  • Durable, precision-tuned optical engine.
  • High efficiency lamps reduce power consumption.


3. Versatile Installation Flexibility

  • Flexible installation with 360 ° vertical cabinet rotation.
  • Multi-Screen Support System seamlessly joins screens with Edge blending, Color matching, and Digital image enlarging.
  • Geometric Adjustment for projection on curved or spherical surfaces (PT-DZ21K2/DS20K2).
  • Multi-Unit Brightness Control.
  • Compatible with Panasonic Multi Monitoring & Control Software and Early Warning Software.
  • Single-cable DIGITAL LINK connection transmits video and control signals for up to 100 m (328 ft).
  • Portrait mode capability (PT-DZ21K2/DS20K2/DW17K2. Mounting the optional lamp units for portrait mode is required)*6.
  • Abundant terminals including 3G-SDI inputs (PT-DZ21K2/DS20K2 features inputs x 2 and PT-DZ16K2 has input x 1).


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