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Sony PCSA-CG70P,- Avico



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PdfPCSA-CG70P Spec Sheet

PCS-G70P – Quality Videoconferencing with the Utmost in Flexibility

Videoconferencing is evolving.

For use in corporate boardrooms, operating theatres or large-scale auditoria, today’s professional conferencing users demand much more than sparkling picture and audio quality. They also need versatile multi-point operation, hassle-free set-up, reliability and easy expansion to meet future needs. Teaming high performance and advanced features with friendly operation, the elegantlystyled PCS-G70P sets a new benchmark for voice, video and data communications. Supporting latest coding standards for smoother, more natural video images, the PCS-G70P delivers television quality pictures and crystal-clear wideband audio in point-topoint or multipoint calls. It’s also designed as a smarter, more secure conferencing solution, allowing you to set up calls across any mix of IP, ISDN, DSL and (mobile) telephone connections. Advanced Quality of Service features ensure optimum call quality under all network conditions, while embedded encryption ensures that confidential information stays that way.

Effective multi-site conferencing is an increasingly vital aspect of modern business communications. The PCS-G70P can connect directly with up to five remote sites, which can be viewed on five individual video monitors, or with up to ten sites in cascade mode. In smaller rooms, multiple participants can be viewed on one screen in split-screen format with the name of each participant labelled on-screen so it’s always clear who is speaking. The dual-camera capability of the PCS-G70P enriches any conference where a second point of view is required. Video can be captured and transmitted simultaneously from two sources, with images viewed on separate monitors or on a ‘split’ display. It’s even possible to capture widescreen 16:9 images to suit the latest plasma and LCD display screens using the Sony BRC-300 3-CCD colour camera. Fuss-free, intuitive operation is a hallmark of the PCS-G70P.

The customisable user interface offers a Quick Dial feature for rapid set-up of any conference without fiddly entry of phone numbers and user settings. Alternatively, slip in a Memory Stick and the PCS-G70P will auto-launch a conference, adjusting all necessary settings according to the contents of your personal address book. Adding an optional data-sharing box turns the PCS-G70P into a powerful multimedia tool for distance learning, training and other knowledge-sharing applications. Augment every conference with sparkling graphs, charts and images from a connected notebook PC or make sketches and annotations in real-time using the Mimio Xi™ electronic whiteboard.

For the largest rooms and venues, XGA data images can be viewed during a conference on a separate monitor or projector while two other monitors display a far-side view and self-view. If required, the PCS-G70P can be connected to up to eight monitors in total – displaying five independent sites during a multipoint conference, XGA data, a conference overview and a self-view. Powerful, flexible and expandable yet supremely stylish and simple to use, the new Sony PCS-G70P brings people, images and ideas closer together than ever before.

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