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B+W Schneider F-Pro UV filters


B+W Schneider F-Pro UV filters

R 620.00

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Made in Germany
The B+W line of products is one of the most respected brands in photography. After developing techniques for multi-layer coating systems (MC), B+W became the first filter manufacturer to incorporate the innovative water and dirt repelling MRC multi-layer coating process, to offer superior anti-reflection properties and scratch-resistance.

Precision Engineered Mounts
Not all mounts are created equal. B+W has invested decades in perfecting the ideal design, materials and craftsmanship to maintain the industry’s respect. Made of quality brass, each mount is machined, then a black coating is applied to eliminate reflections. Photographers may choose from the: Premium XS-Pro Digital thin mount, or the Professional F-Pro standard mount *(ND Vario mounts are aluminum for manufacturing reasons).

Premium XS-Pro Digital

  • Ideal for short focal length zooms or prime lenses that are prone to vignetting with standard filter mounts.
  • Made for B+W Clear Protection Filters, UV Haze Filters, Käsemann HTC Circular Polarizing Filters & ND Vario Filters
  • Thin design—ideal for wide-angle lenses down to 17mm with a full frame DSLR
  • Front thread for additional accessories, snap-in lens cap
  • Exclusive MRC nano coating for the highest demands

Professional F-Pro

  • Most B+W filter types and diameters* are available in the standard F-Pro mount
  • Useful for wide angle lenses (24mm and longer on full frame DSLR cameras)
  • Front thread for additional accessories, snap-in lens cap
  • Single-Coated or MRC
    * Close-up lenses stop at 77mm and the full range of solid NDs are offered through 82mm.
    ND.3 and ND.6 are offered in 86mm through 122mm.

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