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AR/Nikon (G)-NEX Kiwifotos Lens adaptor,- Avico


AR/Nikon (G)-NEX Kiwifotos Lens adaptor

R 1,310.00

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  • Metal design black anodized aluminum with a brass silver ring the KIWIFOTOS LMA-NK(G)_EM mount adapter allows Nikon G lens to fit on any Sony E-Mount NEX Camera Body (NEX3/NEX5 etc.)
  • Although the lens fit physically, auto-focusing control and camera modes which control exposure by automatically adjusting aperture are not retained.
  • Use the lens in the fully manual exposure mode (M) or AV mode in auto exposure, the aperture display is not available, however.
  • The adapter is equipped with a "ON/OFF" aperture control ring for user to set the designed aperture. Focus can be infinity.
  • Note: Shoot without lens function must be turned on.

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