Epson Projector Software

Epson iProjection

Display content from your smartphones and tablets with the Epson iProjection app. It’s easy to use, with intuitive menu options that help bring your iOS and Android content to the big screen.

Interactivity and collaboration

Our Easy Interactive Tools software lets you use your interactive pen or finger as a mouse to navigate, select, scroll, draw, save, and interact with projected content from your computer.

Interactive mode

Interactive mode displays the toolbar on the projected image and lets you use the pen as a mouse to open applications, access links, and operate scroll bars. You can also annotate over anything that is displayed.

Whiteboard mode

Whiteboard mode turns your display area into a digital drawing canvas. There are three solid colours and six patterns available for the background. The toolbar gives you the essentials to write, draw, insert shapes and images on to the background. You can also import images from your Epson document camera.

Epson Projector Management

Maximise your time by staying in control remotely. You can check the status of all the projectors from one computer by connecting multiple Epson devices to a network. The software also incorporates a message-broadcasting plug-in to send messages to Epson display solutions on the network. It's also able to power down all the display solutions in the building after the working hours.


Epson Projector Content Manager

Epson Projector Content Manager software allows you to add images and videos to playlists, and save them on an external storage device (SD card or USB drive). By inserting the storage device into the projector, you can easily project your playlist content without using a cable connection, plus add custom shape filters, overlay effects and scheduling.


Epson Creative Projection

Epson Creative Projection is an app that allows you to enjoy creating custom content on an iPhone or iPad easily. With Epson Creative Projection, you can create original, dazzling content to enliven rooms, product displays, and spaces around you, anytime and anywhere.Epson Creative Projection allows access to a variety of creative elements, enabling users to create custom content using a combination of videos, photos, text and existing pre-set filters or to upload new content to deliver unique effects